Doing a Collaboration Session as Leader

This guide walks through the process of starting an online Collaboration session for a student group Leader.

A key aspect of the Quantway/Statway online learning experience is engaging in Collaboration sessions. A Collaboration session is where you work together with your group members online to complete course material.

Step 1. Launch into the course unit you are working in, and click on the Collaboration node.


Step 2. In the Collaboration node, is where you will see the Become leader button. Any student in your group can select to become leader for a particular Collaboration session, but only the leader can access the Subgroup lesson. To start the Collaboration session in Zoom, click the Join meeting button. This will open up a new tab on browser and puts you into the Zoom meeting.


Step 3. The Zoom window will look something like below. First, make sure to click (1) Join with computer audio. You can chose to activate your camera (2) if you want. Click Share Screen (3) to choose a what you want to share. You can open up a chat space (4). And you can see a list of who is in the Zoom room by clicking Manage Participants (5). 


Step 4. Next, as Leader, go back to the Collaboration page in RealizeIt, and click the Subgroup lesson button. This will open the material that you and your group will work through.

After doing that, go back into the Zoom window and click the Share Screen button (see 3 on the image above) and select to share the Subgroup lesson screen. 


Step 5. At this point, you will be seeing something that looks like the image below. When you are screen sharing, you'll notice the menu bar is now across the top. When screen sharing, you can open the chat by clicking into the More menu item.

At this point, you are now ready to conduct your Collaboration session. Work with your group members to read and discuss the material and record your group's answers. 

Your instructor will review the recording of your Collaboration session and also the answers you record into RealizeIt. It is at the instructor's discretion whether to give a score to collaborative work or not. If they give a score, you will see such reflected on the relevant Learning Map.


If need be, you and your group can save work done to return to and complete later. Click Exit>Save for Next Time to save work done. Upon resumption, the same leader must be maintained. Click the Resume subgroup lesson to go into the content again.